Murray Hill

35 E 38th St 1D New York, NY 10016

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441 Clinton St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

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E Harlem

1667 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10029

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Current: 212-289-4131


136 E 57th St. #1604 New York, NY 10022

New Patients: 212-547-2705
Current: 212-752-8181

The Place for Carroll Gardens Smiles

Tree-lined streets. Incredible diversity. Cultural heritage. And the feeling of a vibrant and flourishing community. We know why you love Carroll Gardens – we love it too and have created a dental office with all the neighborhood vibes anyone could ever wish for.

This is Wellspring’s startup location, and we have modeled our other offices on the creative blend of hospitality, elegant technique, and the lively but laid-back energy Brooklyn is famous for.

In fact, many of our patients tell us that coming to see us is more like a visit with friends than a trip to the dental office. You and your smile count. Every visit – every day.


441 Clinton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231
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Dr. Mitchell Zientz & Dr. Phillip Claassen

The dynamic, collaborative atmosphere at Wellspring’s Brooklyn location stems from the friendship and bond that was created between Dr. Mitchell Zientz and Dr. Phillip Claassen in dental school.

These roommates had a dream of creating a personal dental experience like no other – in a space that’s comfortable, welcoming, and warm. In other words, a place you actually look forward to visiting for your dental care.

Now, after several years in Brooklyn, this team is expanding their vision to other areas of the City, making high-level care accessible to everyone.

And because dentistry is their shared passion, both dentists spend all the time they can expanding their training, embracing new technology, and implementing the newest techniques modern dentistry has to offer.

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First Visit & New Patient Forms

Our front gate is open all day long to remind you that each visit with us is a visit with friends. That’s why we think your first visit to Carroll Gardens Wellspring Dental is so important! It’s an opportunity to get to really know you.

We even make sure you don’t have to sit around filling out paperwork in our office – just fill out these forms prior to your visit, and you will be ready to get to the good parts of your dental experience.

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